Welcome to the Transformed Bethany Site!

Due to a change in support, our site has been migrated to a different host. It currently is under construction–you will be seeing changes in the appearance over the next few days. We are especially indebted to Nora Harris and Chris Mounsey, London, United Kingdom, for their help in migrating the site, setting it up, and hosting it. Without their help, our site would have been off the net for an undetermined period of time, because Nora’s dad is a techno-idiot.

We also sincerely thank Keith Smith, TownDock.net, Oriental, for his help and support over the past three years. Keith graciously set up the site the same evening the old church building burned June 25, 2007, so we could communicate with our friends and members post fire. We fervently express our gratitude.

Please give us your comments as the new site evolves.

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