The weekly web devotional, A Light for Your Path, begins today. A number of writers have agreed to write for the devotional. Each one will be signed. Rev. Torrie Osgood kicks off A Light for Your Path today. Readers can look for the new week’s devotion on Mondays, beginning June 11.

While the theme will change monthly, the devotional and the background photograph will change weekly. Beginning in July, 2018, the communications photo contest winners’ photos will be used as background, but all are invited to submit photos for the devotional’s photo bank. We will need lots of photos! The June photos will be those taken by the devotional editor, but, starting in July, we will use photos submitted by anyone who wishes to offer them for our use. Each photo will credited, and must, as closely as possible, illustrate the monthly theme, which will be published about three weeks in advance on this site and in the church bulletin

Writers will write to the theme, and photographs will illustrate the theme to the degree possible. The themes and devotionals will be based on scripture, and each writer will submit, along with his or her devotional copy, the scripture he or she selects.

If you would like to write for us, please submit a sample devotional of 100 words or less, along with a scripture reference, to communications@bethanyarapahoe.org.

If you want to submit photographs, look for notice of each coming month’s theme on this site or in the church bulletin, take your picture(s), and submit to communications@bethanyarapahoe.org, or drop them by the church office.

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