“We are the forefathers …” – The Capital Campaign

The story was told in church Sunday of a current member of Bethany recalling walking down the aisle during the hymn of invitation 48 years ago. She remembered how beautiful the church looked to her when she turned to face the congregation standing beside Dr. John M. Waters. He was Bethany’s pastor for 43 years. Now she reflects on the fact that the church was beautiful because of the work of the forefathers.

The point was made, as we conclude the Capital Campaign,

“We are the forefathers creating the next beautiful Bethany Christian Church”

where Meredith Davies, descendant of Bethany members, may just one day walk down the aisle during a hymn of invitation.

The success of the Capital Campaign will determine the finishing touches on the beauty of the new Bethany. Please, give not only according to your own abilities, but please encourage others to do so also. The Capital Campaign conludes March 30.

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