Today is the 87th day of read-through-the Bible -in-a-year program at Bethany. “Challenge” is a word that defines well the journey that takes you from Genesis to Revelations in 365 days. I confess that I have never read the Bible cover to cover and was apprehensive about sticking with it but wanted to give it a try. Once the plan was introduced to the congregation, I committed to the program. There have been times that my daily reading became every 2-3 days and once I was a week behind. If you are experiencing the same setbacks, do not give up, catch up instead! 

I have really enjoyed discovering new insights from my Bible reading and would like to share two dealing with Israel’s wanderings in the wilderness: 

A journey that might have taken Israel less than two weeks to complete lasted forty years because of their unbelief and disobedience. (See Deuteronomy 1:2) 

We are told that for forty years in the wilderness the shoes and clothes of the Israelites miraculously never wore out. (See Deuteronomy :5) 

There are many mysteries in the Bible to uncover if you are up to the challenge, read God’s Word. You will be blessed!  – Susan Bissette

 I sit down alone, 

Only God is here. 

In His presence I open, 

I read His books; 

And what I thus learn 

I teach. 

–John Wesley 

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