Sunday Morning Worship – July 8, 07

“We will not rebuild Bethany based on our faith in a building, we will rebuild Bethany based on our faith in Jesus Christ.” Gary Edge

Using a simile, the church right now is like a flat balloon, Christine Beeman helped Parker Watson and Kaley Tijerina demonstrate to the congregation how working together we would rebuild the church. Over and over, the emphasis of this mini-sermon was that “we will rebuild the church with God’s help and guidance.” When a balloon filled with air was set free, it flew off in all directions and went flat again. Christine made the point that with God’s help, we would find the right direction to rebuild Bethany.

While away with their children at a camp for autism, Simon and Sara Spalding returned with an unbelievable gift to Bethany. Simon composed a moving tribute to the church and its rebuilding. He could not be present Sunday to sing it but Sara left hardly a dry eye in the congregation when she had finished her rendition of Simon’s wonderful, beautiful, and lasting tribute to the ongoing life of Bethany Christian Church, the “Church at the Crossroads.”

Click here for Simon’s words.

Please note that this moving piece of music is now copyrighted.

Click here for Simon and Sara’s website.

Gary Edge concluded the service by calling the names of faithful members of Bethany Christian Church who now live with the Lord. He said, “They are speaking to us now, they are saying ‘Stand tall …'”

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