BethCom is planning a relaunch of A Light for Your Path! There will be some substantive changes. First, the devotional will change every two weeks rather than every week, in order that writers will have to write less frequently. Second, the platform for the text will be reconfigured, and the word limit will be increased to no more than 200 words rather than 100. (of course, writers will not be required to submit 200 words.)

In addition, we are considering posting videos of live devotional readings, in which there will be no word limits (within reason, of course). For this, we would like to have a set, so we are soliciting one of you talented people to design a set for the devotional!

The relaunch will begin in May. The first one will be posted 4 May, and the second one 18 May.  The writers for those dates have already agreed. That means that, for those who agree to write, the first one on the schedule will submit a devotional for 1 June, and the second one for 15 June, and so on.

Other changes may occur as we progress, but for now, we want to relaunch, as we think a devotional provides a positive dimension to our website.

The more writers who volunteer, the greater the time for each before writing the next one! There are many talented folks in our congregation, so please volunteer. This is a way to serve the congregation as well as unknown people who visit our website. It can be fun and provide a creative outlet.

If you would like to join us, or if you are interested in designing a set for us, or both, please reply to If you would like more information before deciding, we invite you to respond as well. Please reply by May 4 so we can prepare a schedule. Thank you!

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