The youth of Bethany, led by Kelli Bailey and Tiffany Bennett, prepared and planted the Operation Veggie Box Melon Garden this afternoon at 4 PM.

Preparation included chopping grass and raking it out, creating mounds every four feet, and planting 96 watermelon plants along with a number of cantaloupe plants, then watering each mound.

After the work in the garden, everyone had watermelon, thanks to Kelli.

Those participating included Kelli, Luke and Matt Bailey, Tiffany, Jordan and Katie Bennett, Merritt and Linda Watson, and Mac Harris.

Now that the garden is planted, the youth will water the plants and weed the garden weekly. They are hoping for many watermelons and cantaloupes to transport to local food banks, along with spiritual messages in each box telling recipients about the love and help of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

The weekly garden schedule will be posted on this site so that anyone who wishes to help can come join the fun!

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