Merritt Watson told the general board last night that he will retire in May, 2014, ending almost 22 years as Bethany’s minister, most recently for the past six-and-one-half years, a year-and-a-half of which he was a co-interim minister. When he began his second term as full-time minister five years ago, he told the board that his intention was to serve for five years, and to retire at the end of that period.

Watson served as co-interim minister with Roger Bennett from January, 2008, to July, 2009, and then began as the full-time minister. Prior to that, he served as Bethany’s minister from June, 1985, to August, 2000.

Rev. Watson and his wife, Linda, say they will continue to be a part of Bethany’s church family in retirement.

During the five-month period before Watson’s retirement is effective, the general board will begin a pastor-search effort.

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