Linda Watson trims a bush. (Photo by Jennie Adams)

Around twelve Bethany members were on hand at 9 AM Saturday, October 14, to prepare the building and grounds for Homecoming, October 15.

The weather cooperated well. The sky was cloudy, and though there was a light sprinkle just before 9 AM, it stopped quickly, leaving the ground dry and the temperature bearable.

Johnny Cahoon and John Beeman spread pine straw. (Photo by Jennie Adams)

The workers outside trimmed trees and bushes, spread new pine straw in the borders and around bushes, changed the message on the sign and planted new flowers in the planter below it, and performed other touch-up details.

Inside, there were floors to be vacuumed, pews to be dusted, and baseboards to be cleaned, among other things. But all was done in about four hours. Homecoming morning, volunteers will be drafted to set up tables in the pavilion, and all will be ready for an enjoyable Homecoming dinner.

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