Bethany Christian Church has for many years enjoyed this celebration on the 3rd Sunday of October and 2021 was especially exciting as we missed the previous year due to the Covid 19 Virus. My brother believes our “Homecoming Sunday” may have been celebrated since 1840 which many of our ancestors were a part of.

Folks begin arriving at the 11:00 am hour with their home baked casseroles, vegetables, salads, and famous desserts. After the food was tucked away in the kitchen, the church began to fill up with old and new members, neighbors, and other familiar faces. I chose to sit on the last pew in order to enjoy the view from the back seat as it had been a while since the sanctuary was full.

Our church choir accompanied by our pianist; Dawn Metts, sang beautifully an old favorite “Near the Cross” receiving great applause.

Our guest speaker Rev. Beth Burton- Williams was no stranger to the home folks. Her parents Jerry and Mary Ellen Burton had served 1966-1978 at Bethany, thus Beth and her sister Jennifer were raised in the church with the aid of some of the members. Rev. Beth reminded us that our dinner today was just a foretaste of the celebration banquet (Banquet Hall of the King) we would someday share in Heaven.

After the service ended, the ladies gathered their food and placed it on the tables under the pavilion, the meal was blessed, and the sharing of the meal began. It was all delicious too!

Was this Homecoming different from the many in the past? Personally, I felt it was one of the best! Yes, my immediate children were not in attendance, but my brother and sister-in law were. Somehow, though, I still felt the love of our church family that had gathered to celebrate our Homecoming and departed with a full heart.

Susan H Bissette

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