By Emily Harper

Bethany Christian Women’s circle group #5 would like to invite you to become part of Bethany’s Back Pack Buddies program. Children who receive free breakfast and lunch at school sometimes go hungry on weekends when school is out. Back Pack Buddies is a program that helps fill the void on the weekends. We will begin by collecting food on the third Sunday of each month. Women in our group will then create snack packs to be delivered to ArapahoeCharterSchool where they will be discretely distributed to children identified as having a need. The snack packs can include juice, soup, applesauce or pudding, cereal and snacks. The children will take the snack packs home to have food over the weekends.

Ideas for donations include the following: Pop-top meal items; Granola bars; oatmeal/grits packet; Cheerios cups; Corn Flakes mini boxes; applesauce, fruit cups or fruit snacks; 100% juice boxes; mini pop-top vegetable cans; cheese or peanut butter crackers; Mac-n-Cheese packets; Jello or pudding cups; individually wrapped packages of Goldfish, Cheesitz, or other kid-friendly snacks; individual macaroni-and-cheese cups; shelf-stable dinners; individual cans of soup or spaghetti-and-sauce product; and small individual boxes of cereal.

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