Fundraising Committee Notes Upcoming Events

Sep. 22 Barbecue Chicken Dinner, 11:00 am, Arapahoe Volunteer Fire Dept. 35 pound cakes needed, cut into 16 slices, wrapped and bagged; 40 gal. sweet tea needed; cookers and cooks and volunteers needed.

Oct. 6 Bethany Music Benefit, 5:00 pm, Pavilion. First annual Arapahoe Music Festival planned by Sara & Simon Spalding; variety of musical performers; hot dog plates, $5.00 per plate; Love offering donations; cupcakes needed for desserts; bring your own lawn chairs or blankets; invite everyone!

Oct. 13-14 MumFest, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm Saturday, 10:30 am to 5:00 pm Sunday, New Bern. Bethany will host a booth and raffle a gift basket; handcrafted items or other donations needed prior to Oct. 11; volunteers needed to staff the booth both days, 2 to 3 per 2-hour shift; 80,000 are expected to attend.

Oct. 21 Giving Sunday, Homecoming. Special envelopes will be available for giving to Bethany’s rebuilding fund.

Oct. 21 Bethany Bricks on hand for Homecoming. $50.00 per brick with engraved brass plaque attached. Purchase a momento from the burned church building.

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