Sunday November 28, 2021 is the first Sunday in Advent.  There are four Sundays in the Advent season, and we will light an additional candle each Sunday until we light the fifth and final candle, the Christ Candle, on Christmas Eve. “The mood of advent is best expressed as one of longing for deliverance from oppression coupled with anticipation of the coming of the Messiah. It is a season of prayer. One of the most beautiful traditions of Advent is the lighting of the advent wreath, the candles signifying that God’s Son is the Light of the World. On this First Sunday, we light the candle of Hope because we hope for a Savior. “This information was taken from The Story of the Advent Wreath written by Rev. Frans A. Victorson. (Photo: Melissa Watson)

Our Hope candle will be lit this year by Margaret Harrell.

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