Congregational Surveys Mailed

The Pastor Search Committee mailed congregational surveys week before last. Each member of the Bethany church family is asked to complete a survey and drop it in the box at the church office or at Camp Caroline at worship service, or mail it to the church at post office box 156, Arapahoe, 28510 by Monday, March 4.

Anyone who did not receive a copy of the survey may pick one up at the church office, at worship service Sunday, or from a member of the Pastor Search Committee,

Jennie Adams, 514-5870
David Bailey, 249-7259
Hannah Cowell, 745-3696
Rebecca Cowell, 249-1206
Floyd Hardison, 249-1790
Mac Harris, 249-9811
Rex Horne, 249-7227
Melissa Watson, 474-4592

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