December 24, 2021, 7pm

                      photo: Melissa Watson

It is the tradition of Bethany Christian Church to hold a beautiful contemplative candle light worship service on Christmas Eve. There have been many different services, songs, musicians, ministers, and times, but always it is a blessing.

It has been a tumultuous couple of years, but Christmas is coming and with it the Hope of a Savior to deliver us from the oppression of sin. This season brings the promise of Peace to quiet our weary souls and assuage our fears and struggles. We anticipate with Joy the birth of one who is our ultimate advocate regardless of our wealth, color, connections, deservedness, and we long for that deep Love that only our Father can provide. Every year we can refocus our worship lives, center ourselves around our Savior, and relax knowing that in His hands we are safe.

We will share communion during our worship service with the wine and bread packets that we have been using on Sundays. The service will end with the forming of the fellowship circle and the passing of the light in a darkened sanctuary.

Come join us again this year, or if you have never been to our Christmas Eve service, let this be the year you do.  – Melissa Watson

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