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Bethany is now using a bulletin board mounted in the Sunday School Room/Porte Cochere entrance hallway as a communication tool as well as an attractive centerpiece.

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Part of the bulletin board (right side) is used to post schedules, such as the acolyte serving schedule, while the left side is reserved for Sunday School classes to highlight what they are learning. The board also is available to highlight special events, like the recent performance of the North Carolina Baroque Orchestra (July/August), and the tenth anniversary of the fire (June).

Currently, the youth Teen class posting on the board is a summary of their Bethany/Operation Veggie Box successful melon garden project. The upcoming Sunday School class posting schedule is: September, Faith Caf√© (Torrie’s class); October, Good Shepherd class; and November, The Seekers (Roger Bennett’s class).¬†December will be a Christmas bulletin board.

As you enter the sanctuary building through the porte cochere and head to the narthex, pause for a minute to glance at the bulletin board, and let us know what you think. Just email, or speak to Christine Beeman, or any one of the communications team, Jennie Adams, Meredith Beeman, Susan Bissette, Janci Cahoon, Mac Harris, Torrie Osgood, or Melissa Watson.

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