OVB gardens Bethany #1, #2 and #3, ready for planting!
OVB gardens Bethany #1, #2 and #3, ready for planting!

Operation Veggie Box is seeking volunteers from the Bethany congregation to help in OVB’s three, yes three, Bethany gardens!

We will kick off the gardens by planting cabbage. Here is the schedule:

Saturday, March 15, 8 A.M.: Bethany Youth will plant cabbage in OVB garden Bethany #1, located at 447 River Road.

Week of March 17 (actual date to be decided): We want as many people to help at the OVB garden Camp Seafarer. This will be a media event–Channel 12 reporter Ellen Bacca will be videotaping for a feature story, so we want a lot of activity. This is your chance to be a TV star! More details will be published soon.

Saturday, March 22, 8 A.M.: We need a big group of volunteers to plant cabbage at OVB gardens Bethany #2 and #3, located at 447 River Road. Please volunteer to help. The work will not be hard, but will be a lot of fun.

Don’t just volunteer yourself; ask others you know from other churches in the community to volunteer as well, and get the whole body of Christ involved!

In addition to the OVB gardens Bethany #1, #2 and #3, there will be OVB gardens at Camp Seafarer, at the Senior Citizens Center in Alliance, in Vandemere, in Bayboro, and potentially another one in Arapahoe. For these gardens we are seeking volunteers from churches and organizations in those communities. We will have help from the Boy Scout Troop and possibly from 4-H, Young Marines and ROTC.

This is getting exciting, and a good turnout from the Pamlico County community to help in the gardens will help us be successful in feeding the hungry and delivering a spiritual message to feed their spirits.

But that’s not all: Helping in the gardens will feed your spirit and help the Christian community in Pamlico County do God’s will. So come help, please!

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