Bethany members Gloria Cowell, Jack and Gladys Lee, Mac Harris and Torrie Osgood were among those present as Pamlico Community College hosted a Non-profit Leadership Breakfast at the Delamar Center May 23.

PCC President Dr. Jim Ross opened the event saying, “This is simply a way to say ‘thank you.’ You are the foundation of what makes this community great.” He staged the event to recognize non-profit groups in Pamlico County for what they do to improve the quality of life in the county, calling them the “foundation of what makes this community great.”

Ross said the college is helping non-profits by waiving Delamar Center rental fees for causes and non-profits.

Following a breakfast catered by Brantley’s Village Restaurant, a representative of each non-profit organization explained the mission of the organization and how it works.

Gloria Cowell, the first of the group’s speakers, described how Bethany’s Love for Colt event cleared $12,000 for Colt’s treatment expenses due to PCC’s Delamar Center fee waiver.

Torrie Osgood spoke about Bethany, Jack and Gladys Lee represented the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, and Mac Harris represented Operation Veggie Box.

Ross concluded the breakfast by┬ástating that, “My personal belief is that we’re all here to do God’s work on earth. You’re appreciated and your hard work is appreciated. Thank you.”

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