Most of Arapahoe’s volunteer fire fighters joined us at our worship service October 1, where they were recognized for their service to the community. After worship, Bethany hosted them at a dinner.

The special worship and dinner was the work of CWF Group 5, which planned and executed the event. During the worship service, Christy Beach, president of Group 5, presented to the Fire Chief a check for $100, explaining that, in appreciation for the valuable service they provide to the community, at a risk of life and deleterious effect on family, Group 5 wanted to make a contribution to help offset the considerable expenses incurred by the department for training, equipment maintenance, re-certification and the like.

When Bethany’s sanctuary and fellowship hall building burned 10 years ago, the Arapahoe firefighters were the first responders, and worked long and hard in an attempt to save the building and prevent the fire from spreading to Bethany Hall and to the pavilion.



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