Anna Wilson, Pam Hardison and Susan Bissette spent eight hours this week helping prepare Camp Caroline to host a meeting of United Methodist Women this weekend. The women, all of whom are on the camp’s volunteer list, worked

leveling a dirt walkway, raking leaves in the kid’s fenced area and hauling 3 to 4 loads away, and picking weeds in the West Creekside Worship Area. Additionally, they will serve food to those at the meeting.

Earlier, Susan, Pam, John Beeman Jr., Christie Brooke, Gladys Lee, Clara Ensley, Sandy Netting, Christy and Torrie Osgood (and a friend), Julia Peterson and Linda Watson spent a couple of hours writing postcards to former campers inviting them to return to camp for the 2017 session. Sandy and Dave Netting have provided much time helping at camp.

Particularly now that the camp is developing a strategy to attract both Disciple and outside groups for conferences and retreats in the out-of-camp-session season, it is necessary to maintain the camp in excellent condition. Volunteering to help at Camp Caroline is a good way to save the camp money that can be better spent on its mission rather than just maintenance.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to help at Camp Caroline should call Casey Perry at 252-299-3157, or email him at, and ask to be placed on the volunteer list. Casey will call those on the list from time to time asking for help on a specific day and time. Although the work can be hard, it is always fun and involves good fellowship.

So, by volunteering to help like those who already have lent their efforts, let’s make Bethany a sustaining force for Camp Caroline and an example to other churches in the Pamlico District and the region!

Photos by Sandy Netting and Casey Perry

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