Bethany Disciples Meet with Disciples Church Extension Representative

Compiled by Mac Harris


Dee Long of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Church Extension
met with the Bethany Church Board and other church leaders Tuesday night
to let the church know what services they can provide. Long explained that
the main purpose of the meeting was to introduce the board to Church
Extension and how it can offer assistance and direction in dealing with
the aftermath of the fire as well as working through the rebuilding

“God has called us (Church Extension) to be partners with congregations,”
she noted. “I want you to know that you’re not by yourselves.”

Long briefed the board on the how to work with an insurance company in
obtaining a settlement and how to approach the construction process. She
urged Bethany to “take your time” in dealing with both tasks, but stated
that while a committee is working toward obtaining a fair insurance
settlement, a building committee can begin the building process by getting
to a consensus on our construction “dream,” then working with contractors
to gain cost estimates. In doing that, she reiterated, “take your time,
because when a building is built, it is too late to decide that it’s not
exactly what you wanted.”

Church Extension also can help with construction loans and fundraising,
Long said. She added that once an insurance settlement is reached and
“dream” plans are made, fundraising capacity can be estimated, then loan

In answer to questions from board members, Long said now that she is more
familiar with Bethany and our mission, she soon will send Bethany more
information, stating that “building needs grow out of your mission
statement.” She ended the meeting by advising the church leadership that
Church Extension will “work with you to the end.”

Tommy Banks, a member of the church’s communication committee photography team, submitted this photo from the visit by Dee Long.

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