Barbara James Creates Worship Banner

A Note From Mac Harris


Barbara James thought Bethany needed a worship banner at the pavilion worship service last Sunday, so she designed and created the three-piece cloth banner spelling “JOY” that adorned the pavilion behind the communion table. Barbara began working on the banner Saturday before the service, and finished around 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

As she was purchasing the cloth needed to make the banner, a stranger overheard her mention the burned Bethany church and donated a yard of the cloth. The store in New Bern also donated a yard of cloth, and gave her a 15% discount on the balance of the purchase.

Bethany is lucky to count Barbara among its church family, and grateful to strangers and businesses for their kindness and help. Barbara’s banner again Sunday and beyond will remind us of the “joy” of our risen Christ, the journey upon which we have embarked to rebuild God’s Church at the Crossroads, and of the love shown by compassionate brothers and sisters who are strangers only in the sense that we do not know their names.

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