Communications Director Mac Harris presents award certificates and prizes to Christy Beach and Hannah Metts. (Photo by Emily Harper)

Communications Photo Contest second-place tie winners Christy Beach and Hannah Metts received their award certificates and cash prizes during the worship service October 8. First-place winner James Hardison, who is recovering from surgery and was not able to be at the service, received his certificate and prize privately.

The Communications Photo Contest theme was “God’s Glory,” and photos submitted had to be taken between August 27 and September 24, and had to in some way depict God’s Glory.

Now, in Part 2 of the contest, the congregation may write four-word-phrase-or-sentence titles for the three winning photos. Entry forms for Part 2 are in the narthex, and the winning photographs and Part 2 rules are posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway. There is a ballot box in the narthex for the submission of entries. The Communications Committee will judge the submissions and determine the winner; consequently, members of the committee may not participate in the contest. The photographers who won, however, may take part in the titling contest.

Entries for the titling part of the contest must be in the ballot box by the end of the day Sunday, October 22. The winner will be announced in the November edition of The Bethany Beacon.

Show us your literary genius: Get an entry form and submit your titles!


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