600 Campers Welcome Bethany to Sunday Evening Vesper Services at Camp Seafarer

Twenty-three members from Bethany Christian Church were welcomed to Sunday Vesper Services at Camp Seafarer, Sunday, July 8. From California, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and even as close as New Bern – scores of campers filed past members of Bethany, offering words of welcome, condolences for our church, and messages that they were praying for us.

Each member of Bethany present was asked to take a bookmark made by campers. One bookmark echoed the theme on the banner in Taylor Lodge where a reception honored Bethany Disciples just prior to the waterfront worship service.

One speaker spoke of events that influenced lives, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of John Kennedy, the explosion of the Challenger, and for members of our church, that Monday the fire destroyed the church halls. Several inspirational messages followed about individuals seeking to be positive influences for doing God’s work.

One camper asked if we would be back to see them again. It was apparent that our church family has a dominant place in their hearts. Their summer at camp will be remembered not only by camp experiences, but also by the fire that destroyed a church near their camp and their efforts to reach out to us. It is a beckoning call that in our rebuilding, we will influence others by reaching out to them as others are reaching out to us.

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