Harvest Dinner: Good Fellowship, Good Food

By Melissa Watson

As I open the door to the fellowship hall, the wonderful holiday scent reaches me. Aagh, that smells delicious. The ladies of Circle 4 are already here baking sweet potatoes for the Harvest Dinner. Laughter fills the air. The counters are filled with supplies dropped off by many caring people of the church: cans of beans, cranberry sauce, and crackers. I submit my own three boxes of Premiums and begin crushing them up inside the packages. This will help to make that glorious dressing that will adorn the plates alongside the turkey, golden giblet gravy, yams, cranberry sauce, and bun. The cakes have already begun to arrive as well. They will be sliced and wrapped so that diners get to choose from many different and decadent offerings.

Gold, burgundy, and green tables with pumpkin centerpieces are waiting for the holiday diners that will be showing up tomorrow. Everyone has a task. Some will cook, others plan, serve, wash dishes, take the money, wait tables, and clean up. The Harvest Dinner is a whole church effort, and it has been going on so many years that it is hard to remember when it started.

Thank you all for participating in this event. It is a lot of work, but it just doesn’t feel like the holiday until we have our Harvest Dinner. A special thank you to the ladies who work so hard; and a special thanks to the youth who demonstrate such zeal in their duties.

Editor’s Note: Below are some photos of the Harvest Dinner, which was held November 3.

Getting it ready.
Collecting the money.
Making it happen in the kitchen.
Waiting for something to eat.
Now we’re talking turkey.

Photos by Melissa Watson

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