Christian Women’s fellowship (CWF) Group 5 at Bethany showed their appreciation of our firefighters November 12 at the Arapahoe Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) by taking them refreshments and celebrating the ways they help and protect those in our community.

The women took a repast of sweets and dips to the AVFD kitchen, and greeted and served the firefighters. Before leaving, they thanked the firefighters for their service to the community, especially their hard work during Hurricane Florence.

The area served by AVFD had the most trees down in the county during Florence. The firefighters’ primary goal was to keep the roads clear for emergency personnel. All through the hurricane and its aftermath, the firefighters cleared the roads of fallen trees and debris .

In the period immediately after the hurricane, the firefighters went door-to-door checking for those in the community who had not evacuated, to assure their safety.