Photo by Communications

The Columbarium Administration Committee established by the general board as part of its adoption June 3 of the Columbarium Rules and Regulations, held its first meeting June 26. As its first order of business, Mac Harris was elected Chair, and Meredith Beeman was elected Secretary. In addition to Harris and Beeman, other members of the committee are John Beeman, Jr., Sandra Hardison and Renée Midyette.

The committee began setting up the operating plan and establishing accounting procedures. It also determined that it is appropriate for Rev. Osgood to plan a dedication ceremony for the columbarium facility.

Landscaping and benches for the columbarium facility will be in place soon. Upon completion of the operating plan and as soon as the accounting procedures are set up, the committee will be ready to receive niche reservations.

The next meeting of the committee will be July 16.