The North Carolina Baroque Orchestra (NCBO) will appear in concert at Bethany Friday, August 4, at 7:30 PM. It will perform Splendors of the Baroque, including music by Bach, Vivaldi, Rameau, Telemann, Leclair and Pisendel.

About the orchestra (from its Facebook Page):

The NCBO was formed for the purpose of providing opportunities for musicians and vocalists interested in exploring baroque performance practice in a baroque chamber orchestra setting. The orchestra allows musicians in North Carolina and the surrounding area an opportunity to work with highly experienced experts in the field.

Conductor Frances Blaker, is a world-renowned expert in baroque performance practice, in addition to being a virtuoso instrumentalist. She exudes a high level of interpersonal skills, leading rehearsals and sectionals with expertise.

Frances Blaker and the artistic director, Barbara Blaker Krumdieck, strive to create exciting performance opportunities for the members of the orchestra. In addition, the NCBO provides audiences who may be new to baroque music, an opportunity to hear this music performed on period instruments in a vigorous and exciting way, in an intimate and casual setting.

The NCBO maintains a goal of refined, stylistic and fun performances, engaging both the players and the audience members in the stories and historical context behind the music. This un-intimidating atmosphere enriches our community as a whole by providing life-long learning opportunities through experiencing historically-informed Baroque musical performance.

There is no fee, but a donation will be welcome. The flier pictured above and NCBO’s Facebook page at suggest donation amounts.


The annual Music and Melons event occurred under the pavilion, Sunday evening, July 23, made tolerable by a fairly strong breeze that tempered the effect of the early evening heat. Bethany was blessed by the appearance of the Craven Consort, who performed while the watermelons were being prepared, as people arrived, and into the feast. Also blessing the event was a performance by Bethany’s bell choir, the Jericho Ringers.The music was coordinated by Associate Minister Roger Bennett.

The Jericho Ringers

Meanwhile, as the wonderful music filled the area under the pavilion, the smell of freshly cut watermelons began to waft through the air, and the watermelons soon filled the stomachs of those in attendance.


The Craven Consort

The well-attended event was the perfect way to spend a warm July evening. Those who prepared the event, along with those in the Craven Consort and the Jericho Ringers, who gave their time and shared their talent, are thanked for their graciousness!

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Photo by Admin

As the watermelons and cantaloupes continue to ripen, the youth are picking!

Photo by Torrie Osgood
Photo by Torrie Osgood

Friday evening, those who picked braved fire ants and snakes as they made their way through the garden, peeking under the vines for ripe fruit. The heat wasn’t so bad,

Photo by Admin

due to a good breeze blowing off the Neuse.

A few of the cantaloupes split open and rotted as a result of the recent rain, but plenty of good ones were picked. The watermelons fared better through the rainy days.

Friday night’s harvest filled Matt Bailey’s truck bed with produce, which was transferred to Anointed Remnant Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ) to be distributed [In photo at bottom, Robert Hackney, Anointed Remnant Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ), is pictured along with Luke, Kelli and Matt Bailey].

Pictured along with Luke, Kelli and Matt is Robert Hackney, Anointed Remnant Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ)
Photo by Torrie Osgood

The youth will pick again Tuesday at 7 PM to stay ahead of over-ripening cantaloupes.


Bethany youth harvested 13 watermelons and a number of cantaloupes from the garden Friday evening. The harvest was transported to Bethany overnight, where it will be picked up Saturday morning by members of our sister church, Anointed Remnant Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ), and distributed within our community.

A second picking is set for Friday evening, 21 July, at 7 PM.


July is the month in which we celebrate American independence from England. We elected to photograph the cross, candle, Bible and American flag against the background of the quilt that the ladies of Bethany prepared for the church in 1913.

The cross and the Bible signify that our independence was won with reliance on God, as a Christian nation. The lighted candle symbolizes Jesus: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6 ESV)

The quilt was completed by the ladies of Bethany in 1913, shortly after the sanctuary that burned in 2007 was built, and signifies Bethany’s long history since its founding in 1840.