Witches? Zombies? Vampires?

Witches, zombies, ninjas, storm troopers, angels, fairies, butterflies, vampires, Harry Potter, and even Magnastorm swarmed Bethany’s Fellowship Hall on Friday, October 26 for the BCC Youth kick-off event—a Halloween lock-in.

Party goers, over 20 kids, were comically terrorized with a creepy gross-out booth that only the bravest of youth would dare to stick their hands into. The costumed goblins decorated pumpkins, bowled over ghosts, snacked on mummies, and bobbed for apples.

The members of Bethanyjoined the fun by dressing up and providing goodies for trunk-or-treat. All ghouls were fed heartily in the am and sent safely home. It was spooktacular! Thank you all for turning Halloween into a fun, festive time for Christian fellowship for our youth—the leaders of tomorrow. Come grow with us!

Here are some of the characters:

Story and photos by Melissa Watson