24 Hours that Changed the World: A Lenten Study by Adam Hamilton

During the seven weeks of Lent we will be offering on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM the opportunity for you to examine with us the final hours of the life of Jesus. Our study will begin on Wednesday, February 17th. We will share together in a “simple meal” before we begin our study. We hope this will free up those of you who are concerned with squeezing in supper preparations for your family before you can leave for church. Our study will begin as soon as we finish with our meal and will conclude no later than 8:30.

Our study materials are based on Adam Hamilton’s 24 Hours That Changed the World. He has written a book that we will use to compliment the study. It is available for the price of $15.00. He has also put together a book of brief reflections for the 40 days of Lent that will enhance our time together. It is available for $8.00. It is not necessary to purchase either of these to participate in the study. You will find them helpful if you have them but not essential. We will depend in large measure upon the Scriptures, especially the Gospel of Mark for the content of our study. So bring your Bibles. In addition the study is accompanied with video presentations of places in and around Jerusalem where Jesus spent the 24 hours preceding his death.

Our search will not be simply for knowledge about what happened in those 24 hours but for meaning and understanding. No single event has changed more lives around the world than the death of Jesus. He was despised and rejected for the brokenness of all humanity. And all who look to him in faith find their healing and salvation. As we journey with Jesus through the final 24 hours of his life we will be asking ourselves what is the meaning of his suffering, death, and resurrection for us. How do we find ourselves in the story of his ministry and life? What might we understand differently by seeing ourselves in the places where Jesus was?

We hope you will make the journey with us. 24 Hours That Changed the World could be a study that will change you. Come and see.