Peter was grieved because he said to him the third time, “Do you love me?” and he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep. –John 21:17

Some people call it the most wonderful time of the year. Children make their wish lists and by mid-November shoppers are flooding the internet and stores for deals. Christmas music can be heard on the radio and TV, and the Hallmark channel plays Christmas movies 24 hours a day. The weeks before Christmas are consumed with baking, wrapping gifts, writing cards to friends, special church programs, and parties. We make every effort to fit in all these grand activities in a short time period…

How much better would it be to share the spirit of Christmas every day? –Susan H. Bissette

What is the sprit of Christmas? What did Christ do in his life? He fed the hungry, healed the sick, provided shelter to the homeless, clothed the naked, lifted the spirits of all who met him and offered salvation to those who believe in Him and follow Him. He told those who believed in Him and followed Him to “feed my sheep.”

To “feed His sheep” is to show and practice the Christmas spirit. To share Christmas every day, plan a program. On Monday, write an encouraging card to someone on the prayer list. On Tuesday, help someone pay a bill. On Wednesday, give someone a ride. On Thursday, help someone complete a chore. On Friday, invite someone to lunch. On Saturday, invite someone to share in your family fun. On Sunday, take someone to church with you. Repeat.

Sharing Christmas every day requires a Christian attitude. How can we call ourselves “Christian” if we do not follow Christ and share Him?


This year our Hanging of the Greens Committee Chair, Terry McCotter, suggested that we move our traditional Hanging of the Greens worship service to Saturday morning between 9 and 9:30 am. Well, we are in a season of change, so our Board Chair, Chris Watson said, “Sure.” I must say, I do not mind changing things up, but I was a little nervous. We traditionally have this service on the Friday evening before the first Sunday in Advent. Would people show up  or would they want to spend their Saturday Christmas shopping? Well, this crew wanted to spend their time in church! We had a very nice turnout of people. And everyone was so cheerful that the work went by quickly.  Below is our Christmas Tree with all the Chrismons on it.

We also have a fun small tree that is in our fellowship hall. We call it the Kid’s Tree. Well we had three sweet little kids decorating it today.

And a big kid came by to add the star to the top of the tree!

We have 38 beautiful poinsettias this year, 19 red and 19 white. Some are in honor of someone we love and/or admire, and some are in memory of loved ones. You can find posted all the names of the people who donated in an earlier post. Below is a picture of our poinsettia elves, setting each plant in the perfect location.

Look at this stain glass nativity that Juanita Arrington created. Isn’t it just beautiful. And Rev. Roger Bennett lets us use his beautiful collection too.

Our beautiful nativity has a special place on our chancel this year. When you stand in the doorway to the sanctuary you see it right over the communion table. What a wonderful placement that speaks to the birth we will soon be celebrating and ahead to the last supper, Jesus on the cross, and ultimately his resurrection.

This is a wondrous season.

Blessings All,

Melissa Watson




Sunday November 28, 2021 is the first Sunday in Advent.  There are four Sundays in the Advent season, and we will light an additional candle each Sunday until we light the fifth and final candle, the Christ Candle, on Christmas Eve. “The mood of advent is best expressed as one of longing for deliverance from oppression coupled with anticipation of the coming of the Messiah. It is a season of prayer. One of the most beautiful traditions of Advent is the lighting of the advent wreath, the candles signifying that God’s Son is the Light of the World. On this First Sunday, we light the candle of Hope because we hope for a Savior. “

This information was taken from The Story of the Advent Wreath written by Rev. Frans A. Victorson.


This year Bethany will have its annual “Hanging of the Greens” service on Saturday, November 27, at 9:30 am. This is a departure from our traditional day and time. We will decorate our sanctuary with the symbols of the season and in fellowship. After the majority of the decorating is complete, we will have a worship service led by Christine Beeman and Melissa Watson. Then we will meet in the fellowship hall for soup and sandwiches. Please plan on participating. There is much work to be done and many blessings to be shared.


This video of Rev. Bennett joined again by Rev. Osgood is a summary of 1 Samuel 1-24 read during the week beginning November 21and Preview of 1 Samuel 25-31 & 2 Samuel 1-18 that we will be reading beginning November 28.