Bethany’s vision team will distribute summaries of the prayer triad reports Sunday during worship service. Those who participated in prayer triads will be able to see responses from other triads, and those who did not participate in prayer triads will see all the responses and gain an understanding of how the triads worked.

In January, following the transformation classes in 2012, groups of from three to seven people formed prayer triads that met ten times in 100 days to pray and discuss questions about our church and community. The goal was to gain an understanding of the church’s strengths and shortcomings and through prayerful thought and discussion to suggest how we can better serve Christ and do his will. After the prayer triads finished their meetings, the vision team reviewed the triads’ responses to the questions for each of the ten topics discussed and added its own responses where it thought appropriate.

The vision team, appointed by the general board chairman in January, comprises seven congregation members who represent a cross section with regard to age, gender, length of membership and position in church committees and organizations. The vision team has met for an hour and a half almost every Sunday afternoon since January. Based on guidance from the Holy Spirit and congregational response, the team is writing a vision statement and future story for Bethany. It will be presented to the congregation as the way we can go forward doing what Jesus Christ wants us to do as individuals and as a church.

The vision team thinks it is important for all in the congregation to see the questions posed in the prayer triads and the triads’ responses to those questions, and to be able to add their thoughts and comments. Then, when the team prepares the vision statement and future story, it will have considered all suggestions and points of view. To reach all in the congregation, the team plans to mail the summaries to those who cannot be present Sunday.

For those who want to read the prayer triad summaries immediately, the vision team requested that they be posted here as well. Please click on this link to read the summaries: Prayer Triad Summaries – website (PDF, 44.4 KB)

To see the compilations of the question responses for each of the prayer triad meetings, click on the following links (Note: the numbers are not prayer triad designations; they refer to the meeting numbers. Each of the triad’s responses is included in each of the meetings):

Prayer Triad 1 compilation (PDF, 28.3 KB)

Prayer Triad 2 compilation (PDF, 29.7 KB)

Prayer Triad 3 compilation (PDF, 29.1 KB)

Prayer Triad 4 compilation (PDF, 26.8 KB)

Prayer Triad 5 compilation (PDF, 30.4 KB)

Prayer Triad 6 compilation (PDF, 67.2 KB)

Prayer Triad 7 Compilation (PDF, 64.6 KB)

Prayer Triad 8 Compilation (PDF, 63.1 KB)

Prayer Triad 9 Compilation (PDF, 72.3 KB)

Prayer Triad 10 Compilation (PDF, 65.2 KB)


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