By Melissa Watson

A beautifully lit tree stands stately in the narthex—casting its quiet glow onto the waiting people. Silently the visitors enter the sanctuary. It is still and dark and peaceful inside. The chancel area has been transformed into ancient Bethlehem with a manger scene tucked into the corner. All heads are bowed in anticipation for the beginning.

Somewhere off stage the haunting notes of a song begin—The theme song to Batman! In a flurry of flying capes, ten super heroes burst onto stage. They’ve heard that someone is coming to save the world, and they’re not willing to be unemployed—after all—saving the world is a job for super heroes! But soon these caped crusaders learn that the One coming is not trying to put them out of work but save the world in a way that only the Son of God can do.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, The Incredible Hulk, Billy Blazes, Cat Woman, Spiderman, Karate Man and Super Girl are not normally characters seen in a Christmas Play. But boy did I enjoy seeing these characters along with their more traditional counter parts, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, stable animals and angels in Bethany’s 2012 Christmas play. This year’s program was full of energy and surprises—and was really fun to watch.

We were also blessed with a beautiful solo sang by Samantha Hardison. Thank you all involved in making this year’s program so wonderful. A special thank you to the BCC youth leaders and also to the BCC youth who invested much time into practicing for the play and learning their lines. You all are SUPER!

JC 121223 Christmas Pgm 4

JC 121223 Christmas Pgm

MW 121223 Christmas Pgm 1

MW 121223 Christmas Pgm 2

MW 121223 Christmas Pgm 4

Photos by Janci Cahoon and Melissa Watson

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