The Longest Day Draws to a Close

Fire Departments from West of New Bern, Township #7 in South New Bern, the City of New Bern Aerial Ladder Truck, Tri-Community (Fairfield Harbor Area), Aurora, and virtually every fire department in Pamlico County, responded.

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Team responded to aid firemen fighting the massive blaze on a hot summer day.

Cousins and lifelong church members, Annette Hardison Aldridge and Bossey Hardison console one another.

A signal to the day’s end came when firemen began loading the huge hose onto the New Bern aerial ladder truck which helped all afternoon contain the fire and prevent its spread to other church property.

The remains of the base of the church steeple are framed beneath the aerial ladder as a long sad day ended with church members vowing a new day tomorrow.

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