The Great Communion

Congregants from disparate streams of the Stone-Campbell Movement came together Sunday in a Great Communion to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address, a document central to the beginnings of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ and other Stone-Campbell streams. Rev. Merritt Watson led the event.

Bethany’s Rev. Rex Horne, Music Director Sara Spalding, and Shirley Ensley participated in the program, and many of Bethany’s members attended. All those attending thought the event was successful, and could be a catlyst for greater cooperation and fellowship among the divisions of the Stone-Campbell movement.

Bethany’s contingent.

Merritt leads the program.

Rex Horne describes the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Shirley Ensley plays the piano and Sara Spalding leads the singing of traditional hymns.

Photos by Emily Harper

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