Stewardship Pledges to be Dedicated, Sunday, October 28

The Stewardship Campaign for the 2008 calendar year will culminate in a dedication of the pledges, Sunday, October 28. Seeing such a large turn-out for Homecoming makes us all realize the great number of lives touched by the ministry at this church. This Stewardship Campaign is for just that, the ministry of this church that touches lives. Please give prayerful thought as you make a pledge to help Bethany continue in this ministry of sharing God’s love.

Please keep in mind, your pledge, in some ways, is your personal expression of being an evangelist for Jesus Christ, for with your pledge, the word of Jesus is shared. Stewardship is thus a personal committment to God. With our collective stewardship, the budgetary leaders of the church can map out a plan for the best ways for the ministry of this church to grow. Consequently, the growth of this church, not just in numbers of members, but more importantly, spiritually, is tied to our personal committments to God.

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