Stewardship Committee Making Plans for Committment Sunday

The Stewardship Committee, Ben Casey, Johnny Cahoon, Jenny Kennel Adams, and Rex Horne, have talked informally about plans for a Commitment Sunday to conclude this year’s campaign to establish the level of giving that will sustain the church for the coming fiscal year. While Homecoming Sunday is Giving Sunday for the rebuilding of the sanctuary, Ben Casey noted, “We must not forget that we have to keep thriving as a church as we strive to build a new sanctuary and education building. We face challenges, great challenges, on two major fronts, maintaining church operations and building a new building. As Gary has said so many times in sermons, we are doing all of this because we are God’s children, we love God and God loves us. This is a generation in the life of Bethany Christian Church that I know is ready to step up to the plate and hit home runs. This generation in the life of Bethany will be remembered for its commitment to God and to its commitment to the sustained bright future of this church.”

Members of the Stewardship Committee will meet briefly after Sunday School, September 23, just prior to the Arapahoe FWB Church Homecoming.

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