What are the first three things that you notice about this picture, Dale?  I asked my husband, just to see what he might say. Dale replied, “I see that they are all holding candles., The women are smiling. And they’re wearing something colorful. It looks like they’re celebrating.”

Bingo!  Way to go, Dale! While he didn’t know the specifics, he accurately described the fact that the Bethany’s Christian Women’s Fellowship installed their 2022 officers in a ceremony, photographed in the narthex, on Sunday, January 16th.  It was a celebration.  Annually, women in the church accept the call to serve the needs of Bethany and our community in general.  “Open our eyes to the needs of the world and fill our hearts with concern for all people.  Guide us that we may truly serve you through Jesus Christ, Our Lord” are words of the opening prayer of a CWF meeting.

The candles we are holding represent sharing Christ’s light, guiding the way. And the “colorful” part of the photo?  Outgoing vice-president, Christine Beeman, presented each officer (outgoing and incoming) with an apron, as a symbol of preparing oneself to serve. Each woman was able to choose her favorite color.

From left to right in the photo:

Shirley Ensley protected in a lovely purple apron is our 2022 President

Polly Surprenant wearing blue is the 2022 Worship Chair

Juanita Arrington donning light blue as she is inducted for a second term as Service.

Janci Cahoon is pretty in pink and will be our Treasurer for 2022; she was Treasurer also during 2021.

Renee Midyette chose the lovely light blue apron and was 2021 Secretary and will be in Service for 2022.

Susan Bissette  is wearing pink and will serve as our 2022 Secretary and again in Service.

Christine Beeman was the 2021 Vice President (acting president) and also served in Service for 2021 and has agreed to be in Service again for the 2022 term.

Tricia Johnston chose purple perhaps to represent the beautiful flowers of Bethany Blossoms that she places to beautify our church.

Not pictured are Melissa Watson – outgoing Worship Chair and incoming Vice President for 2022; Linda Watson who will serve as Missions Chair again in 2022; and (photographer) Jennie Adams, outgoing Service Chair, who chose the wonderful orange apron .

Thank you ladies for your time and energy in 2021 and thank you to all who have agreed to serve in 2022! ——–Jennie Adams


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