Operation Veggie Box (OVB) will host a Forum on Hunger January 25 at Camp Caroline. An invitation to send a representative will be extended to each church in Pamlico County. Though all of the details have not been finalized, the Saturday forum will be a one-day event, with guest speakers in the morning and afternoon working sessions. More details will be published as they become available.

One of the goals of the forum will be to focus awareness on the hunger problem in Pamlico County. Another will be to bring together churches and organizations that minister to the hungry to find cross-ministry solutions that will help end hunger in the county. OVB’s premise is that an individual program might help alleviate hunger, but all the churches and other ministries working together can end hunger in this county.

OVB was founded by Bethany Christian Church, and Silver Hill Christian Church is the first church to join OVB as a partner. At least one other church in the region is expected to decide within the next couple of weeks whether to join the OVB ministry. OVB leaders are contacting other churches to explain the ministry and invite them into partnerships in which they provide financial or operational assistance, or both.

OVB is a ministry to help feed nutritious fresh produce to the hungry, and provide them with the message that as Christians, we love them and want to feed them physically, while Christ loves them and will feed them spiritually. OVB can be found on Facebook at Operation Veggie Box.


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