On the morning of June 25, 2007, it was discovered that a fire had begun in the sanctuary that was built in 1911. What followed that day was for our congregation a traumatic event, as the sanctuary burned, and the fellowship hall was so damaged that it too, was lost.

Many of us remember well the sense of tragic loss we felt that day ten years ago this month. But we remember, too, the sense of coming together to overcome it, and the graciousness and generosity of those in the Pamlico County community that immediately offered help, and the generosity of those in the wider Christian community, as well.

Within two years we were worshiping in the building that we now call home, evidence of the love and generosity of a great many who helped us financially, and of the dedication and foresight of those in our congregation who guided us through those troubled times, and of the love of Christ, who enabled us to carry on as His church.

That terrible day, this website was activated, and from its archives we put together the two pictures that form the website header for June, one of the old church bell tower burning, and the other reflecting the larger view of that tragic scene. Because they were scanned, the resolution and sharpness are not too good, but they reflect our vision through tears that day.

Our wish is that what happened June 25, 2007, never again happens, but that we retain from the tragedy that sense of coming together to rebuild, so that we are a better congregation to serve Christ.

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  1. On that day, indeed I happened to be at my late Mom & Dad’s home up here in the piedmont section of our state, and well remember when their phone started ringing… the calls coming in literally “from all over” from their/our base of friends and family alike… and all with the same frantic and instantly disheartening message: “The church at Arapahoe is on fire!!”. What a sad, difficult day that was, as we watched and followed together as a family the fast progression of a disaster, helpless to physically do anything to quell or even slow its unfoldment. Yet, what an inspirational and uplifting story of unity and “coming together” in the community, there and overall, almost immediately followed.

    As you know, Mom and Dad are both gone, now – Mom in 2010, Dad in 2012 – but “that day of infamy” back in ’07 was solemnly referenced multiple times in their home over the course of their remaining time with us all.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this reminiscence with our church family there.

    Love and “All the best, always”,

    Preston (“PD”) Parsons, Jr.
    Burlington, NC
    (son of Rev. Preston D. & Nina Wilcox Parsons)

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