The WordPress user agreement allows WordPress to insert ads in blogs and websites. We cannot change that. We would have to use another platform that would not be free, and would, in fact, involve a substantial expense. Communications is considering another option, however.

But for the time being, do not click on a highlighted word, like the ones highlighted in this post in blue. If your cursor hovers over the word, an ad will pop up. Do not click on that ad! Some ads will insert malware into your computer, and it will be hard to clean it, or eliminate it, if you do not have good anti-virus/anti-malware protection on your computer.

The best protection against any malware attack on your computer is a good anti-virus/anti-malware protection program. There are many available, some for free, like Malwarebytes.

The editor recommends Trend Micro Maximum Security, which, if you buy online from Trend Micro (you can purchase in stores, but the price for doing so is about 20% higher),  costs $49.95 for one year . Renewals each year are discounted. Trend Micro operates in the cloud, and doesn’t slow your computer.

Here is the link to Trend Micro.

But there are other good programs as well; just do something to protect your computer, if you do not currently have protection. And don’t click on ads.

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