Admittedly, undeniably, it was a dreary morning. The day started cold with a forecast of sleet but as is often the case in our area, ended up being cold, drizzling, rain. It was hard dragging out of bed; only the lure of fresh brewed coffee could persuade me.  As I sipped from my warm mug, I watched the rain pound the slippery deck boards outside of my back door. I debated staying home. There was so much to do at home. Christmas decorations still dotted the living room. The dining table had stacks of Christmas dishes pushed to the back edge of the table, and I needed to put some furniture pieces back in place, but I remembered that we were having a guest minister, and I really did not want to miss church, rain or not. My husband and I dressed rain-worthy and dashed to the car. Two miserable, wet dogs, watched us broodily through the slats of the fence as we backed our SUV out onto the road. Carefully we drove to church. We were immediately uplifted as we greeted a friend who had had a much further distance to drive. We ducked into together. A group of Sunday School goers were gathered in the fellowship hall because their classroom was both too cold  and too small for the crowd. There I see a couple of friends that I have not seen in a while, so I wave a cheerful greeting hoping I am not being too interruptive to the lesson. I find my seat in the sanctuary. It isn’t long before the service begins. The two ministers and elders process into the room and up the aisle. Rev. Bennett is back from a two week trip to Florida, and Rev. Koffenberger has agreed to be our guest minister for a second time. I am thrilled because I missed his first time here in the pulpit. I heard he gave a great sermon, and he certainty gave a wonderful message today. His style was engaging and clear.  Another nice element of the service was when Roger gave the communion message. He sang it!  It was absolutely beautiful. As I sat in the warm sanctuary, surrounded by people braving the weather to worship together, I am glad. I am so glad that I came today. … Melissa Watson

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