Conceptual Plans for New Church Unveiled

Prior to the unveiling of plans for a new sanctuary for Bethany Christian Church, members were reminded of the rich history of this congregation. Below is a photo of the structure built in 1912 that burned before it was moved from the east to the west side of Hwy 306 in the 1950’s. Photo courtesy James “Bossy” Hardison.

Below is the architect’s rendering of the concept for a new and larger structure for a sanctuary with a narthex, classrooms, a nursery, fellowship hall and kitchen. While there were some questions about details, the architect explained that many specifics would be hammered out before the actual mechanical drawings were prepared. Speaking for the Re-building Committee, John Beeman reported to the congregation that the expressed wishes of the membership had been reviewed by the architect before this concept was rendered. Most agreed the new steeple is a very close replica to the one lost in the fire.

More details will be forthcoming in later posts to the website this week. The congregation is scheduled to vote on this concept on Sunday, January 27. The Capital Campaign Committee will have a plan to raise the remaining funds needed to furnish this church to present to the church board for approval the first of February.

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