Communion Cloth from Bosnia Presented to Bethany Christian Church via Week of Compassion

On Sunday, July 15, Bethany Christian Church held its first services at Camp Caroline since the fire that destroyed the sanctuary. Just prior to partaking of communion, Carolyn Broughton presented to the congregation a communion cloth hand-crafted by women of Sarajevo Phoenix, an organization of women in Bosnia who have banded together to recover from 44 months of war that have torn that country apart. Sarajevo Phoenix is a Week of Compassion partner and through the efforts of Johnny Wray, this communion cloth was donated to Bethany because of our losses from the fire.

Gary Edge used the teamwork of a flock of geese flying south for the winter as a metaphor for the teamwork that Bethany will employ to rebuild the sanctuary, class rooms, and fellowship hall. When the lead goose has tired, he will fall back to be replaced by the next in line, while all the ones in the rear honk encouragement in this ongoing and repetitive process.

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