Budget Committee Seeks Priorities

Bethany Church Family,

The annual budget represents the mission of the church. Through our budget, we state as a congregation what we think is important for Bethany to do to advance God’s purpose. The budget shows what our priorities are in that endeavor.

Shortly, the budget committee we will send a letter to committee chairs inviting them to request budget amounts they will need to carry out their committees’ priorities.

But at the same time, we want to know what everyone sees as priorities in support of Bethany’s mission. Do you think Bethany should hire a youth minister? Should we offer an additional worship service? Do we as a congregation need to be more involved in outreach to the community?

Tell us what you think we should budget funds for—what we should be doing that perhaps we are not, or not doing as well as we should.

There will be an insert in the August issue of the Bethany Beacon for you to use to tell the budget committee what you think the congregation should be doing. Copies also will be on the table in the narthex, along with a box in which you may deposit your suggestions.

Please think about this, pray about it, and let us know what you think. We will share the unsigned suggestions with the whole congregation.

Floyd Hardison, Chair

Kelli Bailey

Christine Beeman

Randy Beeman

Doug Brinson

Mac Harris

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