It is hard to believe, but we begin Week 21 of our “Read through the Bible plan” tomorrow. It has been an amazing journey. Covid has caused so much of our lives to change. I started thinking about Bible Quest when we first started  battling against Covid 19. Everyone was isolating, wearing masks, and generally keeping oneself to oneself. We still are battling. It seems to be a never ending battle, but God can change bad into good. God has us in his hands. While sequestered at home, I watched a lot of YouTube. I discovered many great channels with Christian creators. I began to hear about several “read through the Bible” plans. It is something that I always wanted to do but just had not yet started. The YouTube videos inspired me to do further research on Christian YouTube channels and read through the Bible plans. I found some great ones. I especially liked what the guys were doing at Bible Project. They had a great reading plan that would take me through the Bible in one year. Not only that, but these guys had a website that provided me with videos explaining what I was reading in simple and fun ways. I was hooked. I went to the church’s communications chair, Mac Harris and together we developed Bethany’s Bible Quest. We wanted something scripture based but that was approachable, and we wanted something flexible. We added our own videos to the the plan. Now, if someone was interested but not very “techy” they could just skip that part. We provided them with a hard copy of the “read through the Bible” schedule, and Roger would summarize the reading on Sunday morning. It was and is a truly a customizable and personalized plan. It has been fun listening to everyone’s story as they do their readings. Some people who were totally against the program in the beginning have been the biggest supporters once they got started. My own journey has been interesting. I have learned so much, but I still struggle with staying on task. But reading the Bible isn’t a race or a merit badge, or something one just does. It is an important part of our Christian walk, and it does not matter if I get off track with my reading and have to catch up. What matters is that I continue my reading, and that I continue to strive to do what I am called to do. I hope you are enjoying this journey, and I hope you don’t give up even when you struggle to “catch up.” …Melissa Watson

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