Bethany’s garden project, Operation Veggie Box, kicked off this morning with a planning meeting conducted by David Bailey. Fifteen volunteers attended.The project has a site, thanks to the generosity of Buck Jones of Don Lee Farms.

David explained the project goals as providing nutritious produce to those who need it, but most importantly, providing a message explaining the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

He discussed the project objectives for the next two weeks, including field preparation, planting carrot, kale and rutabaga seeds, transplanting cabbage, collard and broccoli plants, designing a project logotype and building a Facebook page.

After reviewing the two-week schedule, he noted the equipment and materials needed, and solicited volunteers to lead a packaging team and a distribution team.

Pending weather conditions, site preparation will commence August 23 at 5 P.M., followed by planting Saturday, August 24, at 8 A.M.

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