I do not know how it happened. I was in a daily habit. Everyday at the same time, I pulled out my phone and began my Bible Quest reading. I really have been enjoying reading through my Bible with this program. It has been very enjoyable and easy to follow. Plus, I love the BibleProject videos. They are really great and having the emails with the scripture and videos available for me right on my phone has been awesome. But then my son was home with Covid, and my entire schedule was thrown off, and I got behind, really behind. Even long after Parker was well and back in school, I could not get back into the habit of daily Bible reading. What once had seemed so easy, now seemed impossible. I would never catch up with the group. Finally I decided to just start back with the most current Bible reading. Yes, I have missed several weeks, but I can read that later. Right now the important thing is just to get back in that habit of pulling out my phone as soon as the hubby leaves for work and open the email with the weekly reading schedule and read.  If you, like me, have slipped and are behind, no worries. Just start back. Start back either where you were, or where the group is. Just start back. God is good. – Melissa Watson

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