About communications

Charles Truckston, "CC," is the agent of the communications director. He is a former journalist, real estate agent and commercial real estate appraiser.


Recognize this fire station? Bethany’s Women’s Group 5 decided to honor the Arapahoe volunteer firefighters for their service to the community. They are the ones who, 10 years ago, first responded to the sanctuary fire, and worked hard to try to save it. We are thankful for their efforts, and for all their service to our community.

The firefighters have been invited to attend our worship service October 1, and to join us for a meal in their honor afterward. October is a five-Sunday month, but rather than a Fifth-Sunday Dinner, we will have a First-Sunday Dinner to thank and honor the firefighters. So what you were planning for fifth Sunday, instead prepare for first Sunday. Make something especially good in honor of the Arapahoe Volunteer Firefighters!



If you haven’t yet taken photos for the Communications Photo Contest, there is one week left to submit up to three photos depicting God’s glory, taken between August 27 and September 24. The submission phase terminates August 24 and the judging phase begins that day and ends October 1. The winning photos will be announced here and in The Beacon.

Do not write your name on the photo. When you submit your photos, you will register them and the photos will receive a unique number that identifies them as yours, but members of the congregation who vote for the winning photographs will not know who the photographers are.

The photo below is an example of one that captures God’s glory! Capture several like that this week and submit them by next Sunday!

Calendar Now Shows 3 Months

The Bethany Calendar (in the “Bethany Calendar” tab on the navigation bar) now will show the current month and the two following months.

If anyone knows of an upcoming activity or event that is not on the calendar (see the sidebar at right), please advise Mac Harris via email at mharris@ethandun.com, or by phone at 252-671-7615, or just tell me when you see me at church.

Bethany to Raise Money for Tornado Relief in North Carolina

Bethany will hold a chicken-barbecue dinner Friday, June 24, to raise money for tornado relief in North Carolina. The event is a congregational project, and will offer plates for pickup both noon and evening for $7.00 each.

Advance tickets will be sold beginning Sunday, June 12, with a target of 400 ticket sales. In the past, dinners have sold out quickly, so be sure to get tickets early.

Tickets will be available at the church office on Thursdays, or may be reserved by calling the church office at 252-249-0266, or emailing an order to minister@bethanyarapahoe.org.

Tickets also may be ordered by a comment to this post (just click on the link “no responses” on the right under the headline above, post your name, phone no. and/or address, and the number of tickets you want us to reserve. Your order can only be viewed by the webmaster).