Group 5 Holds Christmas Party

Group 5 will meet at the home of Kelly Jones Friday, December 16, at 7 pm for its Christmas party. Everyone is asked to bring refreshments to share and an angel ornament to exchange.

Join Us for Christmas Caroling!

Come on, be a caroler! Bethany carolers will leave the church at 3 pm, Sunday, December 11, for an afternoon of caroling and fun. Carolers will return to the church at 6 pm for soup, sandwiches and something warm to drink. Afterward, everyone is invited to stay for the regular monthly CMF/CWF meetings.

Bethany Holds Thanksgiving Service Thursday Morning

A celebration of Thanksgiving service will begin at 10 am Thursday. Those who can take an hour or less out of what we know will be a busy day will find the service to be a worthwhile time for reflection and thanksgiving.

All are asked to bring an item from among the following: Jelly, canned meats such as Treet, Vienna sausage and potted meat, canned fruit, spaghetti sauce, instant grits and oatmeal, cereal, paper towels and toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish-washing liquid, and diapers sized 4, 5 and 6 for special-needs children.

The items will be given to the Pamlico County Disaster Recovery Coalition for hurricane relief. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

To see Rev. Watson’s sermon for the Thanksgiving service, please click on the “Sermons” tab on the header, then click on the link.

Youth Group Lock-In

Follow this link to the great video of the youth group lock-in Sept. 16! (Just click on the first http link.)

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Video by Emily Harper

Learn about the College Application Process Sunday, Aug.28

High School juniors and seniors who wish to learn about the college application process are invited to Bethany’s fellowship hall Sunday, Aug. 28, at 4 pm. Bring a friend and enjoy refreshments and a low-key, friendly atmosphere.

June Hardison, former counselor at Pamlico County High School, will provide guidance in completing applications. Jennie Adams is directing the program. If you will attend, please email Jennie at, or call her at 252-514-5870.